SRi (or Schwarzataler Recycling International ) has been operating in the plastic recycling industry since early 2009 starting as dedicated partner of former German company Schwarzataler GmbH.
This plant, with a capacity of over 60.000 ton per annum, is one of the biggest plastic recycling companies in Europe of its kind. As part of this company we successfully contributed to the purchase and sales of post-consumer recycled plastics worldwide.


Over the years we have become true specialists in plastic recycling and know all about the usage of the recycled materials. Since 2014 we are supplying recycled thermoplastics not only coming from post-consumer waste but also material coming from pre-consumer and post-industrial sources. These recycled materials are available in different forms like in agglomerated, flake, regrind and granule form. Based on customers wishes we can also produce specific compounds. Made from the customers waste or from our own collected waste. We often sit at the table when products are being developed and help our customers to chose the right recycled polymer for the product.

Our goal is to generate less plastic waste, avoid incineration and burying plastic waste and to achieve highest possible quality recycled material as possible. Try us for environmental reasons and to lower your production costs.


Together with our customers we discuss the final product or application to see what characteristics are important and if there are specific properties preferred. Then we carefully select our own input streams or use our customers material. To make sure we select the right stream we often measure the physical properties of the polymer which is done by using Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Analyse. This is a widely-used technique to determine the thermal transitions and so to characterize the type of plastic. The observed thermal transitions can be utilized to compare materials. This allows us to identify and characterize specific plastics as well as identifying material mixtures and impurities. All this is done in order bring the right recycled polymer to the table.

Analyse & Testing

The physical and mechanical properties of a polymer play an important role; it ensures the performance requirements of the application. We are running basic tests like measuring MFI and Density and are able to measure what types of polymers or what percentage of fillers are inside a certain material.

Fundamental mechanical characteristics include: Strength, Stiffness, Hardness and Toughness. Important values are tensile stress, tensile strength, tensile elongation, tensile modulus, tensile creep modulus, flexural strength, hardness and impact resistance. We offer these test as a company service, please contact us when interested.


The selection of material is based on our knowledge and experience for many years. We control our input material under strict input criteria and work with our partners for many years. By taking samples from all batches we supply, we can measure the quality of our materials at any time.


The presence of our trucks in various area's improve our efficiency in logistics. Combining a wide spread logistic network results in the end to lower overhead costs and on-time deliveries.
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Industrial Waste Management

SRi helps you to reduce your waste and implement the recycled plastic back into your supply chain.

We offer our Recycling Service, like collection, grinding, crushing, washing, blending and compounding to companies that generate industrial waste and want to reincorporate this in their production.

We help to close the loop.

Step 1: Analysing Waste

We analyse your plastic waste in our lab or external laboratories

Step 2: Select Recycling process

We offer services like shreddering, grinding, washing, homogenization and compounding

Step 3: Implementation

We implement the recycled material in your product groups to close the loop